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In a vast arid country like Namibia, the Eastern Caprivi is an oasis with rivers like the mighty Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Linyanti. Mamili National Park is the largest wetland area in Namibia that enjoys conservation status and so creating a protected zone for the fauna and flora living in this lush, complex marshland.

Dzoti hunting concession is one of the youngest registered conservancies but definitely one of the most promising big game hunting areas in Namibia. The area comprises of 250 km² and borders directly with three major National Parks. With Mudumo National Park in the North-West as the border, Dzoti shares the same dense Mopani vegetation that offers shelter to animal species like Sable, Roan, Kudu, Zebra and Blue Wildebeest. The south –western limit is Mamili National Park with its complex channel of reed beds, lakes and islands that make up the Linyanti swamps. The south eastern border is the Linyanti River of which the opposite shoreline belongs to the world renowned Chobe National Park of Botswana. Here spectacular herds of Elephant, Buffalo and Red Lechwe are some of the highlights. Plenty of Hippopotamus, big Crocodiles, Reedbuck and the more elusive Sitatunga are at home here.

With 430 bird species recorded in the region, it is more bird species than recorded anywhere else in Namibia. A paradise to do some birding after the hunt along the green water channels or while fishing, trying to land some Bream for supper!

Situated superbly between three national parks, Dzoti hunting concession is one of the only areas in Namibia where you can find and hunt four of the Big Five, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard!

Clients hunting on communal conservancies in Namibia can be assured that a significant portion of their funds are being ploughed back into wildlife conservation efforts. These efforts are not only promoting the long-term welfare of Namibia’s wildlife, but also creating strong bonds between rural communities and the value they place on their wildlife resources.

There is hope in every sunrise and fulfillment in every sunset. Allow us, Van Heerden Safaris cc to present to you, the Caprivi. For many, a safari to Africa is the trip of a lifetime and for others, these become a way of life. Let your way of life start with Van Heerden Safaris! Namibia, not only the land of contrasts, but also the land we call home.

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