Hereoland - Ondjou Conservancy

Being the 3rd largest Communal Conservancy in Namibia with 8 729 square km's. The conservancy was officially registered in 2006 and granted a trophy quota in 2009. The Herero people are the main tribe staying in the conservancy, totalling about 2 000 people. They live in settlements ranging in size from a few huts to small villages. Most of the residents farm with cattle on one quarter of the conservancy surface. The voluminous Victorian-style dresses of the Herero women were influenced by the missionaries' wives and are still a deep tradition to this day.

The undulating landscape of the north-western Kalahari is characterized by diverse vegetation including woodland, grassland and a series of pans that fill after good rains. The borders stretch from Botswana in the east, communal ranchland in the south and west to Nyae-Nyae Conservancy (Bushmanland) in the north. Nyae-Nyae Conservancy is the famous hunting ground where Kay-Uwe Denker has hunted a couple 100 lb elephants in the last ten years. The area has an average of 75 lbs per trophy Elephant for the last 15 to 20 years.

Ondjou Conservancy is "BULL COUNTRY"! Large stretches of land with very little water for animals that live off the land. Water is scarce and in small quantities which is not sufficient for the larger cow herds. Here older Elephant bulls come to find some peace from the cow herds.

Download Hereoland (Ondjou Conservancy) – 2015/2016 Price List - detailing daily rates, trophy fees, conditions, map.

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