Van Heerden Safaris

Hunting Areas of Van Heerden Safaris

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Our main hunting area is 1 hours’ drive south east of Windhoek, Namibia’s bustling capital city and only 1 hour from the international airport. The area is situated between the Auas Mountains with an elevation of 1 600 m and higher (up to 2 140 m) and the Kalahari Desert. The Van Heerden cattle ranch comprises of 6,000 ha / 15,000 acres and in close vicinity, VHSaf has various other concessions on private owned land, totaling 15,000 ha / 52,000 acres.

… named after King Nehale ya Mpingana whose warriors attacked Fort Namutoni in 1904.

The conservancy is situated directly on the northern border of the famous Etosha National Park and is easy accessible from Windhoek on the tar road. It was registered in 2005 and covers an area of about 43,000 hectares. The vast area is home to large herds of Springbok, of Plain Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Oryx. Hyenas, Lions and Elephants are regular visitors in King Nehale and often become a problem when they collide with the humans, their Mahango fields or cattle. A plains game hunter will not seldom be offered to shoot one of those problem animals. Hunters that are prepared to arrive on short notice (within 3 days) can experience a big game hunt for an extremely low price, often going home with a great trophy.