Van Heerden Safaris

If you are thinking about booking a hunt in Africa, DO IT. It is the experience of a lifetime, and more affordable than hunting in the states. Namibia is a wonderful place for a first safari, producing some large trophies, and the people, culture, and our hosts were second to none. My Dad and I put it off for years, but now will be returning for years to come.
from USA (Washington/Alaska) - Hunt March 2012

We have very good memories and we talk much about this great time.

Eva and Fritz Schnopfhagen, Helmut Prieler, Martina Lahner, Austria - hunt/tourism Aril/May 2009

We are well back home again from a fantastic hunting safari. All the time we have been surrounded by exceptional kind, professional, helpful people, doing their upmost in order to render us the best hunting vacation we ever have had. This was an unforgettable experience. We stayed a couple of days with Hentie and Denise, thereafter a couple of days with Gerrie and Monja and the last days with Jannie ands his wife.

During our ten day hunt we started out with Hentie and then transitioned over to Gerrie Odendaal. We had a wonderful time with both hunters. They were able to find the animals when we could not see any and they put us into position to take a shot. We both left after taking the trophies we planned on prior to the safari. Accommodations, food and service was nothing but first class. Hentie was recommended to me by another hunter and I gladly recommend him and Gerrie to anyone that desires to hunt in Namibia.

Once again thanks a lot for a great hunting trip in Namibia and super guiding from you. I have already told many of my friends in Denmark about the great experience I had together with you.

Last July I hunted with Hentie Van Heerden in Huab Conservancy and later in Sorris Sorris (next to the famous Brandberg mountain).
The territory is quite big and I was pleased to shoot a nice Greater Kudu, several Springboks and an old Oryx bull. The Huab accomodation is like an army camp, but it is in the middle of the bush, and it is quite exciting.

My hunting partner and I hunted with Van Heerden Safaris for 8 days in two different areas of Namibia including the Khomas Hochland area, a vast, beautiful, game rich area. We met Hentie through SCI. Hentie and Denise take care of everything from airport reception to first class lodging and food and of course everything associated with the hunt.

“. . . Bob’s Kudu, Oryx, 2 x Springbok, Steenbok, Ostrich and 2 x Baboons was shot at Sorris-Sorris. They were all good old trophies. Ask Hentie about the tricked he played on me while hunting the Kudu. . .

All credit to Hentie Van Heerden for finding such a magnificent range of trophies in five days. Anyone who imagines these animals are sitting around waiting to get shot, is in for a big surprise!