Van Heerden Safaris

Last July I hunted with Hentie Van Heerden in Huab Conservancy and later in Sorris Sorris (next to the famous Brandberg mountain).
The territory is quite big and I was pleased to shoot a nice Greater Kudu, several Springboks and an old Oryx bull. The Huab accomodation is like an army camp, but it is in the middle of the bush, and it is quite exciting.

In Sorris Sorris the territory is very open, more desert like and the game can see you from afar. I will however go back there for Leopard, and Ostrich this summer. The accommodation is comfortable for hunters, with a shower room.

Hentie is a really good and very interesting professional Hunter, with good communication skills. I would like to warn you that stalking mountain zebra is very difficult and that you may need to shoot plains game at distance from 200 to 300 meters, and for this you need some practice (and take the necessary time), a good and well adjusted telescopic sight. I would suggest a calibre with high speed. There are many animals and you can see plains game every day.

Namibia is more authentic than South Africa, with very scenic landscapes, and the people are very friendly.
The value for your money is one of the best in Africa (if not the best).
I am crazy about hunting and shooting, and have gone to several other places in Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, etc..) and I consider hunting in Namibia to be a very good intermediate step, before going to hunt the big five.
I am sure that you will enjoy hunting with Hentie.

Luc AUBIN- France