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Some testimonials by our customers

Nik and Mike Schriener

If you are thinking about booking a hunt in Africa, DO IT. It is the experience of a lifetime, and more affordable than hunting in the states. Namibia is a wonderful place for a first safari, producing some large trophies, and the people, culture, and our hosts were second to none. My Dad and I put it off for years, but now will be returning for years to come.
from USA (Washington/Alaska)

Eva and Fritz Schnopfhagen

We have very good memories and we talk much about this great time.

Eva and Fritz Schnopfhagen, Helmut Prieler, Martina Lahner, Austria

Carl Otto and Jan Nielsen

We are well back home again from a fantastic hunting safari. All the time we have been surrounded by exceptional kind, professional, helpful people, doing their upmost in order to render us the best hunting vacation we ever have had. This was an unforgettable experience. We stayed a couple of days with Hentie and Denise, thereafter a couple of days with Gerrie and Monja and the last days with Jannie ands his wife.

It was interesting to stay at 3 different farms, where all of them were offering 1st class of stay, treatment and hunting. Only my dad did not get a Warthog, we saw a few, but Gerrie told us that the tusks were too small. Gerrie is absolutely a very qualified and pleasant chap and we had a jolly good time the whole week together with him.

Carl Otto and Jan Nielsen, Denmark

In Danish

Så er vi kommet hjem fra en fantastik god jagt safari. Vi boede et par dage ved Hentie og Denise. Herefter et par dage ved Gerrie og Monja. De sidste dage boede vi hos Jannie og hans kone. Tre forskellige farme med hver deres måde at indkvartere på, men alle steder var ophold og jagt helt i top. Min far fik ikke skudt et vortesvin, men vi havde chancen først på ugen, men Gerrie mente at der kom bedre trofæer senere. Gerrie er en rigtig dygtig fyr som vi har haft det rigtig godt med hele ugen.

Det har været en fornøjelse at rejse med Nadania Safaris, kun de bedste anbefalinger kan lyde.

Carl Otto og Jan Nielsen, Denmark

Geedy Doorman

During our ten day hunt we started out with Hentie and then transitioned over to Gerrie Odendaal. We had a wonderful time with both hunters. They were able to find the animals when we could not see any and they put us into position to take a shot. We both left after taking the trophies we planned on prior to the safari. Accommodations, food and service was nothing but first class. Hentie was recommended to me by another hunter and I gladly recommend him and Gerrie to anyone that desires to hunt in Namibia.

Geedy Doorman from Alabama USA

Torben Nielsen

Once again thanks a lot for a great hunting trip in Namibia and super guiding from you. I have already told many of my friends in Denmark about the great experience I had together with you.

Kent and I look forward to come and visit you again. We are talking a lot about what we want to shoot next time but I think a Zebra have very high priority and maybe a Sable!

With best regards

Kent and Torben Nielsen, Denmark

Luc Aubin

Last July I hunted with Hentie Van Heerden in Huab Conservancy and later in Sorris Sorris (next to the famous Brandberg mountain).
The territory is quite big and I was pleased to shoot a nice Greater Kudu, several Springboks and an old Oryx bull. The Huab accomodation is like an army camp, but it is in the middle of the bush, and it is quite exciting.

In Sorris Sorris the territory is very open, more desert like and the game can see you from afar. I will however go back there for Leopard, and Ostrich this summer. The accommodation is comfortable for hunters, with a shower room.

Hentie is a really good and very interesting professional Hunter, with good communication skills. I would like to warn you that stalking mountain zebra is very difficult and that you may need to shoot plains game at distance from 200 to 300 meters, and for this you need some practice (and take the necessary time), a good and well adjusted telescopic sight. I would suggest a calibre with high speed. There are many animals and you can see plains game every day.

Namibia is more authentic than South Africa, with very scenic landscapes, and the people are very friendly.
The value for your money is one of the best in Africa (if not the best).
I am crazy about hunting and shooting, and have gone to several other places in Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, etc..) and I consider hunting in Namibia to be a very good intermediate step, before going to hunt the big five.
I am sure that you will enjoy hunting with Hentie.

Luc AUBIN- France

George Birdsong

My hunting partner and I hunted with Van Heerden Safaris for 8 days in two different areas of Namibia including the Khomas Hochland area, a vast, beautiful, game rich area. We met Hentie through SCI. Hentie and Denise take care of everything from airport reception to first class lodging and food and of course everything associated with the hunt.

Bob Thurmond

“. . . Bob’s Kudu, Oryx, 2 x Springbok, Steenbok, Ostrich and 2 x Baboons was shot at Sorris-Sorris. They were all good old trophies. Ask Hentie about the tricked he played on me while hunting the Kudu. . .

. . . The accommodation was not fancy but it is comfortable and clean. Clean is very important to me. . .

The Sorris-Sorris Conservancy is in the Damaraland Desert but I think the whole country is a desert. We saw lots of animals but sometimes you have to look for them. After all it is a big place! . . . Hentie's wife, Denise, was kind enough to take me on a couple of tours while the boys hunted. We went to see ancient White Lady rock carvings and rock paintings. . . Denise is a sweet lady and very easy going with whatever you want to do. . .

. . . Bob and I took a trip to Swakopmund, it is a coastal city and had a great time. We did a dolphin cruise and loved it. They serve lunch on the boat with oysters and champagne. The kids would like it. We saw lots of dolphins, birds, seals, humpback whales, southern right whales. The beaches are beautiful. . .

I loved the whole Namibia trip. I know your family will.

Terri Thurmond” Dallas Texas, USA

Paul O'Donoghue

All credit to Hentie Van Heerden for finding such a magnificent range of trophies in five days. Anyone who imagines these animals are sitting around waiting to get shot, is in for a big surprise!

Damaraland is a hard, parched land and the game are widely dispersed. You have to be prepared if necessary, to stalk on foot in hot, dry conditions. You will earn your kills. This is no canned, game farm shoot. This is proper fair chase African hunting!!"
Paul O'Donoghue, UK.


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