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Namibia Hunting News

Some news around hunting activities and social responsibility of Ondjou & Van Heerden Safaris.

Bachelor herds – a sign for a well-functioning quota system

If various bachelor herds of well balanced age groups can be found in a communal hunting block / conservancy, the quota setting process seems to work after being applied for 12 years with close to 100% utilisation of the allocated quota.

Different seasons as well as annual rainfall play a role when it comes to animal movement in a larger landscape. These factors should be carefully considered when setting a new quota.

Impala Bachelor Group

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German Hunting Association thanks Ondjou Safaris - import ban of hunting trophies stopped

German Hunting Association thanks Ondjou Safaris - import ban of hunting trophies stopped

In July 2021, a film team, organized by the German Hunting Association ( together with the German delegation of the Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (, visited our Dzoti hunting concession in the Zambezi region in northeastern Namibia. In various interviews, for example with Smith Sheketo and Annedia Limbo, members of the Dzoti Conservancy Committee, and Hentie van Heerden, an...

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Beautiful King Nehale Conservancy, bordering Etosha National Park

An endless horizon, game in their natural habitat, beautiful sunsets, the intense color contrast of the yellow grass, the grey-white soil of the Etosha salt pan and the blue sky as well as the most friendly people of the Ovambo tribe, is a experience that one should not miss in Namibia. Book your next safari in King Nehale and combine it...

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Winter has arrived - Biltong Season in Namibia


Winter has arrived with big steps and the nights are pretty cold now, nothing below zero degrees Celsius yet, but cold enough to spend the evenings at the warm fireplace with some good homemade biltong. The biltong hunting season started recently. The temperature and the extremely low humidity are perfect conditions to produce this tasty Namibian specialty.

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Meat distribution


The meat from all our hunts is completely utilized and used by the local community, mostly to make biltong, the typical dried and spiced raw meat from the Southern African countries.

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Good rains for 2020/2021 season


After long dry spells with very little or sometimes no rain, open water become scarce and might disappear. This is a major influencing factor for wildlife in Africa but especially in an arid country like Namibia.

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Elephants and Baobabs


The 2 photos are showing the same Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata – Affenbrotbaum) and damage done to the tree by elephants. This kind of damage is common in areas where a high elephant population occurs. The damage to the tree species is to such an extent that the tree is highly threatened and disappearing slowly.

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Elephants and Locusts


Small family herd of elephants passing in front of our Dzoti hunting camp with a big flock of locusts flying by.

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Namibia's new Elephant management plan


Looking forward to receiving Namibia’s new elephant management plan!

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Buffalo - Old Boy


Found this old boy this afternoon. He seems to have passed of natural causes. Fascinating to imagine where he has wandered around over the past 14+ years of which he managed to evade us for the last 10 years.

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