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Farm/Ranch Hunts

Our main hunting area is 1 hours’ drive south east of Windhoek, Namibia’s bustling capital city and only 1 hour from the international airport. The area is situated between the Auas Mountains with an elevation of 1 600 m and higher (up to 2 140 m) and the Kalahari Desert. The Van Heerden cattle ranch comprises of 6,000 ha / 15,000 acres and in close vicinity, VHSaf has various other concessions on private owned land, totaling 15,000 ha / 52,000 acres.

Most farms have five metal strand fences, which only prevent cattle from moving freely. The majority of the area has NO high game proof fences to prevent game from roaming freely. The area falls within the Southern part of the Highland savanna interspersed by a number of rocky outcrops which are perfect for glassing the area for game. The dry sandy riverbeds with its big trees are an attraction to the animals as they can dig there for groundwater in the dry season. The vegetation is on average medium density: Grasslands covered with short brush, huge Acacia Erioloba trees and patches of dense Acacia Mellifera, where kudu and oryx like to lie up during the hottest period of the day. Here large populations of southern greater kudu, grey duiker, steenbok, warthog, leopard, baboon as well as herds of oryx / gemsbok and red hartebeest roam freely. Small herds of springbok move seasonally through the concession areas. On game proof fenced ranches a wider variety of game species is available.

Van Heerden Safaris’ accommodation is real Namibian farm style, cozy with a warm atmosphere. The guest facility is situated next to the main farmhouse, each room has its own shower and toilet facilities in one big complex. The garden is filled with the most beautiful cactus, surrounded by large tall trees. The farm is personally managed by Van Heerden Safaris and is our permanent base camp.

Jim Shockey on safari with his dad in Namibia

Farm/Ranch Hunting Safari Pictures


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