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German Hunting Association thanks Ondjou Safaris - import ban of hunting trophies stopped

German Hunting Association thanks Ondjou Safaris - import ban of hunting trophies stopped

In July 2021, a film team, organized by the German Hunting Association ( together with the German delegation of the Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (, visited our Dzoti hunting concession in the Zambezi region in northeastern Namibia. In various interviews, for example with Smith Sheketo and Annedia Limbo, members of the Dzoti Conservancy Committee, and Hentie van Heerden, an attempt was made to explain the German viewers and especially the German government what an important role hunting plays in wildlife and nature conservation and what a tremendous contribution it makes to the protection of natural habitats. 

Extract from the Allgemeine Zeitung Namibia 26th November 2021:

"Supporters of regulated trophy hunting in Namibia to promote tourism and contribute to community-based nature conservation have expressed delight that a ban on importing hunting trophies to Germany, planned by the Greens/Alliance 90, has not been realized. It was not stipulated in the coalition agreement of the new coalition presented yesterday, which still has to be approved." (translated from original article)

We are proud that our small contribution could support the German decision makers and are happy about the recognition from Berlin. You can watch the complete documentation here: Doku: Grüne Fakten über grüne Ignoranz

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